Komfort Kwilts is our community outreach project.

We believe that quilts represent a warm hug from someone who cares.  With this in mind, we make quilts for:

1.  Quilts of Valor, to cover service members and veterans touched by war.

2.  Displaced teenagers, to let them know they are not alone.

3.  To children needing comfort while they are going through difficult health problems.

The list of community groups changes as needed. We get together in workshops once a month, year round, to fulfill as many needs as we possibly can. Members bring their own sewing machines and tools. All materials are supplied. Many times the fabric is donated. We also work from home and in smaller groups.

Come and join us!

Komfort Kwilts will be held as part of our SOUP and SEW days at the - Tanner Valley United Methodist Church.